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Many of us enjoy the ritual and calmness of drinking a cup of tea. This exhibition invites us to experience the artisan’s skill in capturing our love of tea which is represented by their handmade teapots.

In Whitehorse, the Australian Brick & Tessellated Tile Company in Mitcham realised the potential of local clay when it was established in 1886. Its founder, Edgar Walker owned property in the surrounding streets named after Indian cities such as Surat Street. Around the same time, India was becoming the world’s second largest producer of tea. These rich connections between clay and tea in Whitehorse show us the history and inspiration steeped into a teapot and how they reflect our community. 

All teapots are on loan from Whitehorse Art Collection which features over 500 contemporary ceramic pieces founded on major donation from Ceramics Victoria. Teapots on display have been made as functional ware, education and for art’s sake.

Art Exhibition