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In "Ecological" by Liz Millsom, the artist delves into themes of conservation and ecology within the Australian environment. With a career spanning two decades, Liz has showcased her work in both commercial and not-for-profit community galleries. Beyond her artistic pursuits, she wears multiple hats as an arts educator, life modeling convenor, and an advocate for critically endangered species, particularly the dingo.

Australia's unfortunate distinction of having one of the highest rates of animal extinctions globally, notably for mammals, serves as a focal point in Liz's exploration. Through her art, she narrates the complex interplay between native and introduced species, highlighting the resulting imbalances within ecosystems. The dingo features prominently in her work, symbolizing the apex predator of Australian terrestrial landscapes, now critically endangered due to various threats, including habitat loss, hybridization, and human interventions such as baiting, trapping, and shooting.

Using mediums ranging from oil paintings to sculptures, Liz's artistic expression offers a reflection on Australia's diverse fauna juxtaposed with introduced and industrialized species. Her intention is to raise awareness about the significance of preserving key species for sustaining the equilibrium of ecosystems and facilitating the thriving of native flora and fauna.

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