Material List

Be inspired by the beautiful gardens and natural surroundings at Strathdon House and Orchard Precinct while learning how to paint nature with watercolour. Week by week you will build on your watercolour painting techniques with each week focusing on a different natural element or scene.

This s a 4-week course for adults. 

Please bring along your own materials:

• A4 Watercolour Sketch Pad (180-300gsm),

• 3 tubes of Watercolour Paint – ultramarine or cobalt blue,

• warm or cool yellow and a cadmium or crimson red and burnt sienna or brown,

alternatively, you could purchase watercolour paints in a cake,

• Watercolour brushes: a small round brush (1 or 2), a medium round brush (4 or 5) and

a large flat brush (8),

• a palette,

• a cloth or rag

• a grey lead pencil and eraser