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This group exhibition showcases multiple sets of photographic works by artists from local disability organisation Kevin Heinze GROW. Captured during a research collaboration with Deakin University PhD Candidate, Megan Dennis, this arts-based ‘photovoice’ component of the project invited participants to use photography to explore their perspectives and experiences of therapeutic horticulture in the Kevin Heinze GROW program. 

These images are shared with the community to invite conversation about the purposeful use of nature and outdoor settings for health, wellbeing, and social connection, to understand first-hand experiences through the artists’ lens, and to reflect on the perspectives and narratives that emerge from the intersection of art and nature.

This exhibition forms part of a larger PhD research study supervised by A/P Claire Henderson-Wilson, Dr Joanne Watson and Dr Justin Lawson, School of Health and Social Development, Deakin University.

Art Exhibition