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The wall facing the car park at the BHCAC has been painted with some amazing street art. The artwork visually connects the BHCAC car park to the building on the other side of Combarton Street.

Adrian Doyle and the team from Blender Studios added a splash of colour to the BHCAC car park wall.  The artists from Blender Studios completed the artwork over a 5 day period. Blender Studios is a well known and respected Street Art Company that have been instrumental in painting the laneways within the City of Melbourne and have worked with many other Councils on street art projects.   Blender Studios also run street tours in the Melbourne laneways and conduct workshops for youth. Their work is contributing to Melbourne’s international reputation as a street art capital.

The artwork on the wall is quite eclectic – and has nods to artists such as Howard Arkley (who is known for his airbrushed paintings of houses, architecture and suburbia) and Japanese ukiyo-e artist Hokusai (The Great Wave or simply The Wave, a very well known woodblock print).

Street art is visual art created in public locations outside of the context of traditional art venues and is an innovative way to enliven our streetscape and creatively combat graffit

The artwork was funded by Public Art Capital Works Program 2014/2015.

BHCAC Carpark wall
BHCAC Carpark wall